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Our Applications for the EmpowHER 2017: Women Leadership Program is OPEN! Apply here. TODAY

Challenging the status quo, Empowering young women, and Creating leaders of today!

EmpowHER is a one of its kind platform that gives women in Nepal a sense of purpose and contribution to the growing community. Initiated in 2015, EmpowHER’s goal is to increase the number of young women in leadership and decision making roles in Nepal. We challenge conventional notions of beauty, culture, and intelligence, by emphasizing on qualities and skills that make women resilient, adaptive, and confident to overcome social and personal barriers to become a positive agent of change.

Till this date, not many women are in leadership roles and the status of women is comparatively worst in our part of the world. Since the beginning of time, women are believed to be in ‘nature and nurture’ roles rather than leadership roles. And this is exactly what we want to turn around. With the help of EmpowHER we want young women to be heard, respected, strong and creative, without any exceptions.

Mission: To create self-reliant women leaders who showcase independence, resilience and competence in today’s world and can be the role models for other women in their communities to effectively contribute to  society.

Vision: Our vision is to create a world where 50 percent of the dynamic leaders are women who can impact positive changes.


 On 4th October, 2016 three young Changemakers from EmpowHER 2016 were recognised as EmpowHER 2016: Young Aspiring Woman Leader and received seed fund money of Nrs. 50 thousand to implement their “Impact Service Idea”. The winners will implement each of their projects in collaboration with Ujyalo Foundation and their identified local community partners.

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Meet our 15 dynamic candidates for EmpowHER 2016!



If you have any further queries about the program please email us at info@ujyalofoundation or call us at 014433631.