The Brains Behind Ujyalo

Amuda Mishra

amuda-mishraAmuda Mishra is the Founder and Executive Director of The Ujyalo Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable development in rural Nepal by conducting programs that promote innovation, encourage social enterprise, and increase capacity building through community based projects, cost effective technologies and gender-inclusive leadership. Amuda Mishra graduated with an M.P.H degree from the University of Colorado-Denver in 2013. She can be reached at



Narayani Gaha

‘Learning’ is an internal spark that keeps Narayani Gaha alive. She is the Manager at Ujyalo Foundation. Narayani have had experiences in coordinating youth empowerment and environment sustainability-related activities, organization management, conceptualization, supervision and monitoring of projects. With leadership experiences in YATRA, she looked at youth especially their engagements in programs and projects at AYON post the earthquake. She also co-led Female Leadership Forum in AYON to empower young female members. Narayani is an MBA graduate from King’s College, Kathmandu. She is a keen learner and love to travel, test ideas, read books, cook and play games. She can be reached at


Watsal Rajbhandari

UntitledWatsal Rajbhandari is pursing a dual degree in Civil Engineering at Nepal Engineering College and Business Management at Wigan and Leigh College. Watsal works as the Operation Coordinators at Ujyalo Foundation. Prior, to the Foundation Watsal was one of founders and directors of a paintball company called Dexter Paintball. He can be reached at


Chhiring Yangjum Sherpa

We do not have control over time. But we have control over to respect and utilize time and its space. Chhiring Yangjum who is a committed person is the Program Coordinator for EmpowHER2016. She is an undergraduate in Bachelor in Business Administration. Chhiring has experiences in leadership skills, public relations, teamwork, organization management and critical reasoning ability. Since past 8 years, she has been actively involved into social and community development. Adapting to new environment and performing to the best has always been her strength. Chhiring is well known for multitasking skills. Adventure and traveling always excites her. Crafting, cooking and gardening her favorites. She can be reached at


Bibhuti Kiran Ghimire

Bibhuti Kiran Ghimire currently works as a Program Officer at Ujyalo Foundation. Having completed her Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from National College, she is currently enrolled in Tri-chandra Campus completing her Post-Graduate in Counseling Psychology. Apart from her interest area, she is passionate about art and paintings and exploring new things via travelling. She always carries a learning attitude with herself and feels that there are always opportunities hidden behind the challenges. She can be reached at


Meghna Khadka

Meghna Khadka currently works as a Marketing Intern at Ujyalo Foundation. She has completed her Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance from Ace Institute of Management. She is an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving goals. In her free time, she loves to socialize with friends and family, reading non-fiction books, solving puzzles and travelling different places. She tries to learn something new from every experience because she believes there is always room for self- improvement both personally and professionally. She can be reached at


Utsaha Khakurel

Utsaha Khakurel is currently pursuing her Bachelor degree in Business Administration at Institute of Management Studies (IMS) affiliated to Tribhuwan University. Utsaha works as a volunteer at Ujyalo Foundation. She is looking to expand her knowledge through new and exciting challenges, while also giving her best as a volunteer.