Ujyalo Impact Series

Lighting up the future of many young students!

School is a place where we all gain knowledge. One learns to be an initiator of one’s life, shaping and molding their identity. A good learning environment includes proper infrastructure, quality teaching material, proper sanitation, and good surrounding environment. Since many young individuals spend most of their time at school, having a proper infrastructure in place is critical to enhancing their learning experiences.

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Our first Youth in Action Series (YAS) workshop- “Make your own (MYO) Solar-Bottle-Bulb”

On 2nd day of August 2014 Ujyalo Foundation launched its first practical learning workshop series called Youth in Action Series— “Make Your Own (M-Y-O) Solar-Bottle-Bulb” with 19 participants from different academic backgrounds and age groups. The two hour long workshop included making Solar-Bottle-Bulbs with the Founder/Executive Director of Ujyalo Foundation and A Liter of Light-Nepal Ms. Amuda Mishra, alongside participating in different team activities and networking with like-minded individuals.

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Working Professionally with Amuda Mishra M.P.H

The first session of Working Professionally workshop “How to work in a professional environment?” conducted by Ujyalo Foundation and facilitated by the Executive Director, Ms. Amuda Mishra was held on 30th August, 2014. 20 participants from different academic/professional fields took part in the workshop to learn about professionalism, code of conduct and leadership skills. It was an interactive workshop with young individuals who demonstrated immense enthusiasm and dedication to enhance their professional development.

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