EmpowHER Throughout the Years

EmpowHER is a one of its kind platform that gives women in Nepal a sense of purpose and contribution to the growing community. Initiated in 2015, EmpowHER’s goal is to increase the number of young women in leadership and decision making roles in Nepal. We challenge conventional notions of beauty, culture, and intelligence, by emphasizing on qualities and skills that make women resilient, adaptive, and confident to overcome social and personal barriers to become a positive agent of change.

An idea incubation and leadership institute, EmpowHER provides young women between the ages of
18-29 years a safe platform to explore and execute their ideas and enhance their leadership skills in
Nepal. EmpowHER marked another milestone by initiating EmpowHER Junior in 2017. EmpowHER
Junior is a platform for adolescent girls between 12-16 years to explore their leadership skills, and
foster their ideas as changemakers and entrepreneurs to impact change(s) in their schools, and
communities. The EmpowHER program, already in its fourth year has had impact on many lives.

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