Project Ujyalo in Birgunj

In the summer of 2013, a pilot project was launched in Birgunj, Nepal where “Solar-Bottle-Bulbs” were used as a lighting system to combat the issue of accessibility and affordability of electricity in underprivileged communities. 134 “Solar-Bottle-Bulbs” were installed in 81 households as a source of lighting system in six different wards within the sub-metropolitan city of Birgunj.

Ujyalo in Birgunj

In Birgunj only the day lighting system was installed in the Dom community of Birgunj to help them provide a lighting solution during day time. This project was done with the help of community members. It targeted and encouraged the local youth of the that area a new set of skills  and a new innovative idea was implemented in one of the marginalised communities of Nepal.

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