EmpowHER 2015 Change maker

Meet our 11 dynamic candidates for EmpowHER 2015:

1.  Binita Balaya Shrestha


Ms. Binita is currently on her 7th semester studying IT/Software Engineering at Nepal College of information technology. Presently she is working as Java/Android developer at Leapfrog Academy.

Personal Motto –“Let your passion and dedication followed by hard work”

Service Project Idea: Girls in technology

2. Charu Chettri


Mrs. Charu is a Medical Officer at Gorkarna Public Health Center and a Lecturer at S.I.O.N. (Sann Institute of Nursing). She is also a student at Padhma Kanya Campus for postgraduate diploma in women’s studies.

Personal Motto – If you believe, you can achieve”

Service Project Idea: Tyo Purano Ghar

3. Grishma Shrestha


Ms. Grishma is currently working as a medical officer at Patan Hospital.

Personal Motto – “Do what you can, where you are with what you have”

Service Project Idea: Upgrading the life of street children

4. Kreeti Modi


Ms. Kreeti is student in Master of Business Administration at King’s college. She is currently working as Data entry specialist at Cloud factory.

Personal Motto –“Hard work & optimism leads to success”

Service Project Idea: Women self-defense

5. Nita Adhikari


Ms. Nita is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at King’s college.

Personal Motto –“I believe in the power of never giving up on my desired works”

Service Project Idea: Improving girls education

6. Martina Gautam


Ms. Martina is working as a teacher in Utprerana Women Secondary School for more than three years now.

Personal Motto –“To become very successful so that I can live my life on my own without any external support”

Service Project Idea: Merit-based-aid to financially hindered Women

7. Nisha Bhatta


Ms. Nisha is a second semester student of Bachelor of social sciences (BoSS) Program at National Collage.

Personal Motto – “Be an example as a good person for everyone”

Service Project Idea: Abolishment of Chhaupadi System

8. Samata Bajracharaya


Ms. Samata is student of BBS first year at DAV College of management.

Personal Motto –“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Service Project Idea: Women self defense – Voice in Action

9. Sharon Adhikari


Ms. Sharon is a first year student of Bachelors in information technology at Islington College. Presently, she is attached with ‘Children for children’, a philanthropic organization working for the betterment of the underprivileged children.

Personal Motto – “We must become the change we wish to see in the world”

Service Project Idea: Improving girls education

10. Kipa Dali


Ms. Kipa is currently enrolled in Prime College pursuing her Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

Personal Motto –“Enjoy every moment and learn from it”

Service Project Idea: Break the silence, speak out against sexual violence

11. Karuna Bajracharya


Ms. Karuna is currently is working as an intern doctor in the department of gynecology/obstetric at National Medical College.

Personal Motto – “Do or Die”

Service Project Idea: Reproductive health education to women

One thought on “EmpowHER 2015 Change maker

  1. Ashra Kunwar s endeavor in helping women group in managing water crisis due to climate change through Aabash Memorial Foundation is a winning impact project of the EmpowHER 2016, a platform for young woman to practice leadership inita.

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