EmpowHER 2018

EmpowHER 2018: Young Women Crossing the Line
Idea Incubation and Leadership Institute for young women to learn and lead


Ujyalo Foundation will give equal opportunity to all applicants, without regard to race, religion, color,
creed, disability or political affiliation/influence. Selection decisions will be based solely on EmpowHER criteria.


If you have any queries email us at info@ujyalofoundation.org


EmpowHER is an idea incubation and leadership institute for women in Nepal between 18-29 years.
The program is designed to engage and empower women with dreams and zeal to turn those dreams
into reality while building impacts on many lives. It is an annual program initiated by Ujyalo Foundation
to create safe space(s) for young women to learn and lead in Nepal.
The institute is a 16 week long institute where the sessions take place every Saturday. The sessions
will be conducted by inhouse team of Ujyalo Foundation while also have 12-16 guest facilitators on
specific topics.

In the last 3 years, EmpowHER has had 3 cohorts consisting 47 changemakers and has provided
seed fund to 10 projects. It has played pivotal role in challenging women who share a common vision
to achieve greater success, by enhancing their personal and professional knowledge through relevant
topics, conversation and networking opportunities. In 2017, EmpowHER Junior, a sister program of
EmpowHER, was initiated for adolescent girls of 12-16 years. We have 12 changemakers in EmpowHER Junior, and have three active ideas which have received the seed fund money to implement their projects.

The fees of the program is NRs 20,000 which includes the cost of all the sessions and mentorship.
NRs 500, which is non refundable, is to be submitted while submitting the application while the
remaining NRs 19,500 should be submitted upon selection of the candidate to the program. The fees
include all the sessions cost, reading materials, session materials, lunch provided during the sessions,
mentorship facility, outdoor session, a field visit, and awesome time together.

You may apply for scholarship, which will mostly be provided on mostly need then meritocratic basis.

Ujyalo Foundation is a young women led impact driven organization working for the advancement of
young women and their ideas in Nepal. Ujyalo Foundation visions to create safe spaces for young
women to effectively learn and lead in Nepal. Established in 2014, Ujyalo Foundation is the pioneer of
programs like EmpowHER, EmpowHER Junior, NiDARR, and Women Leadership Summit in Nepal.

Applications must be received by April 22nd​, 2018. Thank you for your application! Upon
receipt of application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview date and time.

Please find the application here. 

If you have any queries email us at info@ujyalofoundation.org