Women Leadership Summit 2017: Young Minds, Endless Potential


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Women Leadership Summit: Young Minds, Endless Potential is a five days residential program providing leadership and capacity building training designed for 18-20 young feminists professionals between the ages of 24-45 years from various district throughout Nepal to develop necessary skills to activate their leadership skills at their work and grow towards higher leadership positions. The main mission of the program is to build a strong network of young women leaders in workforce who can imbue leadership skills among other young women at their work and community.

Women Leadership Summit 2017 is led as a joint effort between Ujyalo Foundation, Hamro Chahana Nepal, and Sodh.

The following are some of the sessions that will be focused on this year’s summit:

  • Understanding Self, Patriarchy and Power
  • Equality and Non-Discrimination
  • Bodily Integrity, Gender Based Violence and Digital Security
  • Leadership Development
  • Opportunity Optimization and Rapid Prototyping Ideas
  • Visioning,  Introspection and Negotiation
  • Self care for Women Leaders