Women Leadership Summit

Women Leadership Summit is a 5 days long extensive capacity development program organized every year since 2016. The summit empowers young women to participate effectively and take up leadership roles and positions. The main objective of the summit is to:

  1. Enhance leadership skills of young women professionals in Nepal.
  2. Create professional young women’s collective and network in Nepal.
  3. Promote young women professionals to capacitate other women at their workplace.
  4. Build leadership capacity amongst young women professionals through feminist approach.
  5. Build intergenerational leadership amongst aspiring and experienced women professionals.

Mission: Women Leadership Summit was launched with a mission to enhance women’s participation in leadership and decision making roles.

Vision: To enhance number of young women in decision making and leadership roles in Nepal.

Women Leadership Summit promotes one of the SDG goals, gender equality. We believe one of the ways to ensure gender equality in Nepal is by capacitating and enabling young women professional to stay and grow to higher positions at workplace. Most of the women are stuck in the marzipan layer in workplace, where they are not able to move up to a higher role. This in itself is a reason for why women are underrepresented when it comes to leadership roles at workplace in Nepal.

img_3550Women Leadership Summit 2016:

In 2016, Women Leadership Summit focused on young women professionals working against gender based violence with a theme “Women with Strength: Stories of Unsung HERoes”. The summit oversaw participation of 14 organizations and brought 16 young women together for residential leadership program through feminist approach of five days in Pokhara.  The summit focused on highlighting the contribution of each young professional, enhancing their leadership and analytical skills, and leading capacity building workshops to help them optimize resources at their organizations to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Read more about Women Leadership Summit 2018 here.

Women Leadership Summit 2017:
Women Leadership Summit 2017 will be focused on the theme “Lead Intersectionally: Everyone Counts” to ensure maximum participation of women, and anyone identifying with feminine identity at workplace and how they can move towards higher leadership and decision making and leadership roles.

Application for Women Leadership Summit 2019 is OPEN!