Rebuild Nepal with Ujyalo Foundation!

In solidarity with Nepal! #nepalstrong

The recent earthquakes in Nepal have affected 30 out of 75 districts. More than 8,000 lives have been lost and 22,487 individuals have been injured. Rebuilding Nepal with sustainable infrastructures will only be possible with a collaborative effort at both local and global level. As Ujyalo Foundation joins the rehabilitation efforts in various regions in Nepal, we seek strong support from our partners, friends, and family in Nepal and abroad.

Right now, we are working actively on the following projects and YOUR help and support is very critical in executing these projects and creating a long lasting impact.

1. Rebuilding Jhagajhuli, Sinduli

Despite the major devastation in Jhagajhuli VDC of Sindhuli, it has not been able to make a strong presence in the newspaper or any major media hubs. Individuals affected from the quakes haven’t received much help as many of us don’t even know about the ground reality and the gravity of devastation there. Therefore, we are starting our rehabilitation efforts with Jhagajhuli, Sindhuli. Our focus in Jhagajhuli VDC is geared towards ward no.3. Among the 112 households in this particular ward, more than 90 households have collapsed to the grounds after the major jolt on April 25th and May 12th. Both the education institutions there have been severely damaged putting the young minds out of school for more than a month now.

There are no reports of human causalities but people have lost their livestock, seeds for plantation, and most importantly, the only roof they had above their heads. Our goal is to help them get back together on their feet from this devastation before they lose hope!

Rebuilding Jhagajhuli is as important as rebuilding any other communities affected by the quakes. Ujyalo Foundation will help rebuild 50 midterm shelters for 90 displaced households. As the monsoon is approaching very soon we need to act quickly on our rebuilding efforts before the temporary shelters made from traps and tents give up. Let’s come together and show Sindhuli that we are with them and we will help them bounce back stronger!

The per unit cost of building each house is NRs. 24,426 including material cost, human resources cost, and required VAT and Taxes. The total cost to build 50 shelters in Sindhuli is NRs. 1,221,300.

To support our Rebuilding Jhagajhuli, Sindhuli project, DONATE NOW!

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2. Keeping our women safe- Using ICT to combat post earthquake gender crisis

Ensuring women and girls safety is very critical during and after such a large-scale crisis. The horror of major earthquakes might have subsided for many of us but for thousands of women and girls who have been displaced the nightmare may have just started. Women and girls, who already face existing gender discrimination in our country are now exposed to higher risks of gender based violence and discrimination. According to US officials in Nepal, nearly 320,000 households headed by women lie in the areas hard hit by the quakes. The reports of human traffickers and perpetrators targeting women and girls have already begun to surface. Many cases of violence against women including domestic violence, sexual assault, and discrimination have been reported in Nepal’s 140 displacement sites.

Ujyalo Foundation is working with stakeholders like UNFPA to put together a service directory and mobile reporting hub to file such incidents and access information regarding the needed service easily from their phones. Lack of this information has created a lot of obstacles in accessing the right service for the victims and reporting such incidents properly.

Safeguarding our women and girls is as crucial as our other efforts focused in rebuilding Nepal. So please help us keep our women safe by helping us build an effective tool. DONATE NOW!  


3.Lighting up Nepal with Solar Bottle bulbs

As we move ahead with our rehabilitation effort, we will be focusing on installing our solar-powered community lights to light up the communities. Lighting up communities will help us ensure safety of individuals living in these places especially women and children and provide the much needed source of lighting to carry on with their lives even after the sunset. Often time during the phase of rehabilitation, lighting systems are of least priority but they are as crucial as providing other basic necessities such as shelter, food, water and sanitation. Having proper lighting system will help alleviate crimes, harassment, fatal injuries, and other illicit activities from the community.

Therefore, join our hands to provide our cost effective lights and ensure community safety in the regions affected by earthquakes through out Nepal.

Each unit of our solar powered lighting system costs NRs. 3000. TO GIVE LIGHT, DONATE NOW!btn_donateCC_LG