Applications for EmpowHER


OUR MISSION The first ever women leadership program hosted by Ujyalo Foundation aims to create self-reliant women leaders who show case independence, resilience and competence in today’s world; can be great role models for other women in the community and effectively contribute to the society.

OUR VISION To create safe space for young women to lead and learn effectively in Nepal.

EmpowHER promises to deliver the following objectives to each individual in the program, creating powerful women leaders of today:

  • Enhance effective leadership skills and interpersonal skills in women via various trainings and volunteer activities;
  • Provide practice-based learning opportunities to implement ideas outside the classroom;
  • Create sisterhood amongst women from diverse communities within Nepal and globally;
  • Empower young women through independent projects and team projects;
  • Empower women to be goal-oriented and self-reliant;
  • Create successful women leaders/entrepreneurs who can help uplift the status of marginalized women in Nepal.

Our objective gives women in Nepal a sense of purpose and a platform to contribute towards the growing community. We challenge the conventional notions of beauty, culture, and intelligence, by emphasizing not merely on appearance but also beauty that radiates within. The program encourages young aspiring women to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and reach new heights.
EmpowHER will help the candidates enrich their self-confidence, strengthen their leadership and interpersonal skills, build friendships, networks and community relations, and most importantly add positive value to the communities they represent. Through EmpowHER each candidate grows not only as an individual but also a leader who can improve the lives of other women.


Dates Particulars
16/02/2017-15/03/2017 Application Open
20/03/2017 Application due
01/04/2017- 03/04/2017 Interview into the Program
04/04/2017 Notification of eligibility and announcement of 2017 candidates
10/04/2017 Program Fee Due + Orientation Program**Mandatory
06/05/2017-12/08/2017 15 sessions each Saturday
19/08/2017  Preliminary Interview
26/08/2017 Pitching/Networking Event
02/09/2017 Graduation Ceremony and Celebration

*Required to attend 13 of 15 sessions. All candidates must attend Orientation, Community Give back sessions, Preliminary Interview session and the Graduation Ceremony. Dates subject to change.


Contestants will be judged in the following categories:

  1. Initial Application Completion- 5%
  2. Initial Selection Interview- 5%
  3. In-program Evaluation- 20%
  4. Preliminary Interview- 20%
  5. Final Service Impact Idea Submission- 15%
  6. Final Idea Pitching- 20%
  7. Q and A’s- 15%


The three winning ideas of the EmpowHER 2017 will receive a seed fund money to implement their ideas and one year mentorship on their project from mentors at Ujyalo Foundation.  All three winners will receive:

  1. Upto NRs.50,000 funding for their project
  2. Feature cover story in the issue of WOW magazine as one of the changemaker!



 1) Candidates must be female residents of Nepal who are at least 50% of Nepali descent

2) Age: 18-29

3) Single or married

4) Candidates must be of good character without history of misdemeanors or felonies


 1) Complete 2017 EmpowHER application attached (pages 3-5)

2) NRs. 500 non-refundable application fee and NRs.20,000 Program fee for meals at practices and meetings, program materials, shirts and bags, leadership trainings, and contribution to scholarships – program fee due after accepted, on April 10th, 2017)

3) Resume (include academic achievements, service, organization involvement, and work experience)

4) Transcript from most recent attended institution (can be unofficial, but must show GPA)
5) Identification: Photocopy of Driver’s License or Citizenship
7) E-mail two recent color photos – 1 headshot (above shoulders) & 1 full-length (e-mail to

8) One Letter of Recommendation (page 5) from either (1) Academic School Teacher/Advisor OR (2) Community Service Leader/Organizer


As a 2017 candidate you will need the following:

  1. Competitive Service Impact Project Idea geared to uplift the status of other women and girls in Nepal
  2. Respect and commitment to complete the entire leadership and idea incubation course
  3. Unwavering commitment to lead and implement the project
  4. Openness and learning attitude throughout the program


Candidates must submit a non-refundable NRs.500 application fee. Upon review of the application and notification of eligibility, NRs. 20,000 program fee is due by 10/04/2017.


3 partial scholarships are available for candidates who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and cannot afford the fee for the program. An attested income statement must be submitted with the application to be considered for financial assistance. 

Please contact at 014433631 and speak with Ms. Yajaswi Rai to find more information about the scholarships.


Candidates must commit to all trainings, service days and practices during the program and be responsive via email and phone. Candidates must agree to allow the organization to use any and all submitted or produced photographs, videos, speeches, etc. for publicity and future event material. All participants are recognized for their personality, talent, leadership, community involvement, and academic excellence. Each candidate will be fully supported by our committee and volunteers.


 Each candidate (little sister) will be paired with a big sister, who is either part of EmpowHER or partner program Miss Asian American Colorado. Her mentor will provide support and help answer questions throughout the program.


Each candidate will be paired with a mentor, an expert from the community based on their Service Impact Idea. The mentor will provide mentorship to the candidate throughout the program.


Candidates will be divided into small groups and required to lead, organize and complete a service project during the program and before the finale.

Thank you again for your interest in the 2017 EmpowHER program. This unforgettable experience will leave candidates with personal growth, new friendships and networks, interpersonal and leadership skills enhancement, as well as an opportunity to represent their unique self and ideas!

 Please click on the following link to download the application HERE!


Confused about the application join us every Sunday in the month of March for the information session at our office in Lazimpat from 4p.m-6 p.m! Please call 014433631 for more information or click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How do I participate in this event?

The contestants can download and fill out the application form which is provided here “HERE“. All the important details are provided in the application form.

2.When is the last date for application submission?

March 20th, 2017.

3. What is the standard criteria for participation?

  • Candidates must be female residents of Nepal who are at least 50% of Nepali descent.
  • Age: 18-29
  • Candidates must be of good character without history of Federal, State, or Local convictions (misdemeanors or felonies)

4. Is there any registration fee?

Yes, first participants are required to pay NRs. 500 non-refundable fee to register and then after selection, the participants are required to pay NRs. 20,000 for the 4 months long program.

5. What will my program fee cover?

The program fee will cover training cost, training materials, food, transportation, venue, t-shirts/totes and other program head cost.

6. Where and how can I pay my registration fee?

You can drop off your registration fee at the following location:

Ujyalo Foundation’s office: 441 Shree Marg, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal.

7.  What is the duration of the program?

The program will be conducted for 15 weeks. The programs will only run during Saturdays. The first session is on 6th May, 2017.

8. Do I only have to come during Saturdays ?

Yes. The program will only run during Saturdays every week.

9. How will I benefit from this program?

Through this program candidates will be able to strengthen their values and transform their weaknesses into valuable assets. Candidates will be able to enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills, build  networks, friendships and community relationships, and translate their ideas into reality. This program will not only help the candidates in their personal growth but also as a leader who can inspire other women. EmpowHER challenges each women to get out of their comfort zones to achieve their goals and reach new heights.

10. Can males participate in the program as well?

No. This program is only for females but if you are a male and are interested to participate in the program you can apply to be considered as a staff or a volunteer in the executive team.

11. Is this a competition?

No- it is a learning experience. Throughout the program each candidate will get equal opportunity to learn and participate in various activities via different training sessions, and enhance their interpersonal skills and their “Impact Project” ideas. However, each candidate will be evaluated through out the program and the top three participants will receive seed fund money to implement their “Impact Project” idea for a year.

12.  What should my Impact Project idea be about?

Your “Impact Project” ideas should help uplift the status of other marginalized women and girls in the community. Your project idea should be something that interests you and your target audience must be women.

If you have any further queries about the program please email us at info@ujyalofoundation or call us at 014433631.