Know our EMPOWHER 2015: Young Aspiring Women Leaders!

Here are our three talented, dynamic, passionate change makers who were titled EmpowHER 2015: Young Aspiring Woman Leaders. During their tenure of one year as a young woman leader nominated by EmpowHER, our change makers will be implementing their ‘Impact Service Idea’ with the winning seed fund money of amount NRs. 1 Lakhs each. As winners our change makers will also be involved in various civic engagement activities launched by the Foundation to support woman empowerment in Nepal. The winners will also lead the EmpowHER 2016 Executive Committee.

Binita Shrestha

Enthusia_G8A6291stic, hardworking, and passionate are the three words that describe Binita Shrestha, EmpoHER 2015; Young Aspiring Woman Leader. A resident of Thimi, Binita is a student of Information Technology and Programming at Nepal College of Information Technology. This 23 years old is working as a Java/ Android developer and is a Co-Founder of Wistem Nepal, a group that encourages girls to bring them on the field of STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering,Mathematics). She loves drinking coffee, watching movies as well as involving herself in volunteer works. Binita calls herself a technology freak and no wonder her impact project is in technology field.

EmpowHER Impact Service Project Idea:

Through her Service Impact Project, “Girls in STEM” she aims to increase the number of female in technological field.  The idea of her project is to go to the root causes of the gender gap in STEM field. Her project aims to train and engage young girls from primary and secondary schools on latest technologies. She believes that such trainings will provide them the exposure to STEM field so that 5 years down the line these young girls will go and pursue the career in STEM.

Partner organization for the project: Wistem Nepal

What does women empowerment mean to you?

For Binita, women empowerment means to facilitate changes that transforms it to Social Development which she tries to reflect through her Impact Project.

One fun fact about you: Coffee lover and crazy about technology.

Charu Chhetri

 Charu Chhetr_G8A6262i is a 26 years old resident of Kathmandu, formerly from Dehradun, India. She is a graduate from Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. Currently she is working as a Medical Officer at Gokarna Public Health Office and as a part-time lecturer in Sann Institute of Nursing. Even though her professional life keeps her busy most of the time, she manages to take the class of Women’s Studies as a student at Padhma Kanya Campus. She loves singing and has also won several awards for singing in her college events. Extrovert, confident, fun-loving, and a cricket lover, she is also a trypophobic.

EmpowHER Impact Service Project Idea:

Charu’s Impact Service Project is titled “Tyo Purano Ghar” which focuses on creating awareness and providing treatment for Uterine Prolapse. She wants to create awareness about the very condition, provide treatment through health camps and also establish support groups to overcome the emotional stress caused by the condition. She believes that her project will not only provide treatment to the women but will also encourage them to talk openly about such conditions and seek help. She is planning to do this project in the VDCs of Thankot.

Partner organization for the project:  Women for Human Rights

What does women empowerment mean to you?

Charu Chhetri shares that women empowerment for her is being self-reliant, self-assured and confident without being aggressive about it. So she believes she will create empowered women by encouraging them to take care of their health.

One fun fact about you:  Singing songs in different languages.

Grishma Shrestha

_G8A6290Being self-independent and confident about oneself is what women empowerment means to Grishma. Active and passionate about doing good for society in whatever form she can, 26 years old Grishma Shrestha is one of the title holder of EmpowHER 2015: Young Aspiring Woman Leader. A medical doctor by profession, she is currently working at Patan Hospital. She completed her Bacherlors in Medicine and Surgery from University of Dhaka. She along with her team, recently conducted a free health camp in Bhatte Danda, Lele. A powerhouse of energy and passion Grishma, knows how to play a keyboard and also knows to speak Bengali and Newari other than English and Nepali.

EmpowHER Impact Service Project Idea:

Grishma’s Service Impact Project is dedicated to bring the change in the lives of street children. Through her project, she wants to provide psychological counselling, vocational skills and promote their health. She also plans to bring a change in attitude of the society towards the street children by conducting awareness programs in schools and community. She has also planned to organize various fund-raising events in order to make the project sustainable.

With the Personal motto “Do What You Can, Where You Are With What You Have”  Grishma is sure to bring her project into action and make a positive impact in the lives of the street children.

Partner organization for the project: Heartbeat Foundation

What does women empowerment mean to you? : Embracing the skills you have and using it for the betterment of the society.

One fun fact about you: Energetic, and being a winner of EmpowHER 2015.